In Havivank we needle a full range of non wovens and fleeces. In our non woven factory we produce a full range of needled non wovens for the mattress industry. We are very flexible and have the widest range of different fibres on stock which we can blend into almost any combination.


Lately our 'GOTS' geniune organic products made of organic fibres have been well received on the market. These products come with certificates that the product is indeed as ecological as possible. Delivered in rolls max 2,40 meters wide.


In 2014 The Enkev Group were very pleased to add Walotex bvba to the Enkev Group family. The non-woven factory located in Rollegem, Belgium provides the exciting capability of thermally bonding our range. Within traditional markets we can now add more resilience, stability and structure to our fine fibre filling ranges at highly competitive prices. The addition will also create possibilities to supply wider markets such as Insulation, Noise Contol, Automotive and Filtration. 


The Enkev Group are very proud to welcome the Havibond range of thermally bonded products to the range of natural fibres. Havibond gives customers the opportunity to combine the wonderful creations of mother nature with carefully selected binders and technology to create a more stable robust range of fillings at an economical price point. Havibond offers deep resilient comfort in a wide range of individual or blended fibres using binder fibres of PES or PLA origins. Please get in touch to hear more about this exciting development in the Enkev Group.


Havivank has the so called GOTS certificate. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. We think that obtaining the GOTS certificate is significant and worth sharing with you because it standardises the way our industry is talking about terms like natural, organic or sustainable. Buying GOTS certified products puts an end to this. GOTS gives the word Organic an objectively measurable meaning. 

Enkev World of Wool

Wool is one of the widest used and most versatile of all the natural fibre family. Wool has evolved through nature to become one of the most durable, breathable all weather protector known to man. With each sheep producing a new fleece annually wool products tick the box for sustainability. Wool has the ability to absorb large amounts of moisture, making an ideal companion to skin. Thermally wool also performs very well, as a natural fibre wool remains active allowing fibres to cool the body when hot and releasing heat when cold. A natural barrier to fire, wool makes an ideal filling fibre and a perfect addition to projects in vast array of applications.

Enkev Pure New Wool

1) is 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% renewable. If you love our planet, you will love our wool
2) Wool adapts to the conditions, it will keep you warm when needed but also has excellent cooling properties when you are warm. This is why sheep are so comfortable in any environment
3) Wool is naturally fire resistant
4) Strong and long lasting
5) Breathable, healthy promotes relaxation and controls humidity
6) Versatile, you can soundproof with it, wear it, sleep on it, wrap things in it… the worlds most oldest renewable fibre in some of the most modern applications (sound proofing)

Havivank & Walotex have many types of wool, such as: Texel wool, lambswool, GOTS wool, Camel wool, Cashmere wool, Merino, Alpaca, Mohair, and many more..

Please see this page for more details: More details about wool


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