Research and development, latex compounding, spinning, needling, rubberising, vulcanising, moulding, cutting, punching and finishin. The entire production process at Enkev is completed in-house.


In the worlds most exclusive beds you’ll find layers of handlayered curled and resilient horsehair. To make the hair curly and resilient Enkev spins the fibres into ropes which are thereafter steamed to fix the curls. Either the ropes are sold as an product or they serve as the basic material for the subsequent treatment processes in our facilities. 

The basis of all needled and rubberised natural fibres are the curled coir and animal hair fibres. After sorting, washing and drying, the fibres are curled by spinning. The curls are then fixed by prolonged steaming. This is the basic material for the subsequent treatment processes.As China is the leading global supplier of animal hair, Enkev has its own spinning mill in this country. 


Together with our spinning mill in Volendam, Enkev is now the largest producer of spun hair in the world.

In the needling process the curled fibres are linked together by a special technique, normally onto a hessian or PP backing. A thin layer of latex may also be applied for enhanced binding of the fibres. Needled coir and hair are produced in rolls and sheets. 

Sheets like this provide a good micro climate. On top of that it has good shock absorbing properties. This is good for insulation, mattresses, furniture, car seats, filters, packaging etc. The structure also absorbs sounds and certain waves. So it also makes a good insulation product. Both thermal as accoustical


The spun natural fibres are shaped into a fleece and sprayed with latex as part of the production process. The latex binds the curled fibres which are then pressed and vulcanised in several layers into resilient Hairlok® and Cocolok® sheets.This process leads to sheets with a very open and resilient structure. 

Each of our plants in Volendam, China, Poland and the United Kingdom produces its own specialities. 


In Havivank we needle a full range of non wovens and fleeces. In our non woven factory we produce a full range of needled non wovens for the mattress industry. We are very flexible and have a wide range of different fibres on stock which we can blend into almost any combination. Lately our 'Eco' products have been well received on the market. 

These products come with certificates that the product is indeed as ecological as possible. Delivered in rolls max 2,35 wide and max 30 meters long.


The freshly rubberised coir fibres are pressed in moulds and then vulcanised. Widely used applications are seat cushions and armrests for furniture and car seats. The moulds are manufactured in-house according to the customer’s specification. Since it’s foundation Enkev has produced natural moulded products. We see good possibilities in office seating. 

In the office furniture market there is a lot of awareness of sustainability. Many of the manufacturers are keen on trends like cradle to cradle. With our all natural products, that are easily recyclable we think we can play a role. Over the last years we have developed interesting and economic new ways of moulding coir or hair products.

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